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How To Check Who Visited My Facebook Profile | Facebook Tips Bangla

how to check who visit my Facebook account 

We all use Facebook but how many of us know about all the features & settings of Facebook.  90% of people don’t know about all these settings and features. Not only that, there are many more secret settings of Facebook, how many of us know these settings.  Those of you who want to know about the different settings of Facebook must let us know by commenting.
Today I will teach you a great trick of Facebook in the secret setting of Facebook, with this secret trick I hope you have not heard or seen anything.  No problem, you can learn from today’s video and what you have prepared and watched.
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So today I will show you who is logging into your Facebook profile, that is, who is secretly calling you, who is visiting your Facebook profile, who is watching you, how many times they have seen you, you can do everything by watching the full video below.👇👇
  1. Hope you watch the whole video. If you watch the whole beauty, you will understand everything and you don’t have to say anything.
  2. Now let’s see how you can get into your Facebook profile.
  3. OK To view it, first copy the link of your Facebook profile account.
  4. Switch to Chrome browser and turn on key desktop mode.
  5. Before that, you must login to your Facebook account with Chrome browser.
  6. Type in the search box of Chrome browser Source: Paste the link you are copying here.  (Without space)
  7. Then you post in the group and go to the browser.
  8. When Facebook is open, you will see some hml code coming here. Don’t understand anything by doing these. Now you will see how.
  9. Chrome browser click on the line then you can see there is written Find you just click there
  10. Then you will see a box inside your HTML code. Write the words in the box (initialchatlist) shown in the video.
  11. You will see it in the same way. If it is wrong, you will not be able to see it.
  12. Then it will take you to the exact place where you can see the IDs of what is going on in your profile. Then you will come down. After this, who are there? Who will put them with the Facebook URL?

    Hope you understand everything, but if you watch your video, you will understand more clearly. Thank you all.

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