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Those of us who are abroad and those who are in the country are constantly talking to someone, we all use the imo application more which is why the application has become so popular nowadays. But there are many of us who want to call with numbers, so that he does not recognize us, if we call with emu then our picture will go up or our number will be seen.
Again, there are many of us who want to have fun with our friends, by calling through the internet so that they do not recognize us, so we need a virtual number, how to get a virtual number and who to talk to for free, but we do not know anything.  If we call with our number, but it will not be any fun, it will not be a father friend call.
Those of us who are abroad use EMU to make calls in the country but imo has to be open for both of them and does it take a net for both of them for which if the net is off for a long time the call does not go or we have to call with different numbers.  We all know that at present the call rate of the country is very high which is why if we talk for a minute, a lot of money is taken away from our phone.
So we all try to figure out how to talk for free if there is any way to talk for free.
Assalamu Alaikum I am Nasir Uddin doing our article, today I will teach you how you can make free calls through internet to any number without any money.
Dingtone is a popular free talking app that many of you don’t know.  First of all, let those of you who know about the DingTone application know how to use the application, how to get unlimited credit, and you can talk for free with the credits and numbers.
Second, for those of you who don’t know about Dingtone. Ok I would like to welcome you to talk to Dingtone on a popular apps for free.  Those of you who want to talk for free will use the apps. You will have to install one first and open an account. By opening an account you will have to do some work through internet.
  • The tasks are.
  • Watch the video
  • Downloading apps
  • Play games
  • Referred.
  • Etc. You can make unlimited credit income.
Now let’s see how you can open the application, where you can get the application, how to get the application, how to hack the application, you will get unlimited credit, you will understand when you watch the whole video.
Finally, I would like to say that you should watch the full video and talk for free.
Hopefully you will understand when you watch the video in full and whether you can take unlimited credit from Dingtone and whether you can talk for free on any number from any country in the country or abroad.

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