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There are many of us who use WiFi, but sadly there are many of us who can’t use it.  We all want to use it that way.Most have WiFi at the moment.  But we do not have the password of these WiFi which is why we cannot use WiFi.

Is there any way we can get out the WiFi passwords?

Again there are many WiFi who are our siblings or many have current but we try to find out that WiFi password but sadly we all can’t figure out how to find out the password of Connet WiFi.
Assalamu Alaikum I Nasiruddin What do you want to see and what are you reading (Techsmartbd24) Today I will teach you how to get out anyone’s WiFi password in just 2 minutes.  If you want to learn tricks, you must ring the notification bell.
OK, I didn’t tell you in the first place that I want to get out the WiFi of those whom you want to get out of, that is, those who want to get out the WiFi password in the market place near your house.  They watch the video first.

Hope you have watched the video in its entirety and have learned how to get rid of anyone’s WiFi password very easily. If you like the video, you must like the video.  And those who still subscribe to our channel and will subscribe to the channel.

OK, now let’s see how you can easily find out the WiFi password of anyone’s phone.

1/ The first thing you will see is what is the mobile of the person from whom you want to get the password?
In this case, I would like to say that at present, it is very easy to get the password from Xiaomi and Huawei phones.  I have been saying for so long how to get the password out of the phones around him.  The reason you say that it is very easy to get the password from the phones is that you can go to WiFi by going to the best setting. You want to get the Geo WiFi password.  You will only take a screenshot. If you don’t take a screenshot, go to the Play Store from your phone and search by typing a Q&A scanner. A tuition will come. If you download and scan only your QR code, you will easily see that the password has been leaked.

2 / Now let’s come to those who do not have Xiaomi and Huawei phones, that is, those who do not have qr-code in their phone, how to get the password of WiFi from their phone? I have given you a code. You can see that most of the WiFi code can be used to access WiFi. You can enter the WiFi admin panel and open their password. Of course, when you go to any browser, you will be judged by your password. If you have a password, you have an admin username and if you have an admin password, you will login with it.

In this case, there are many good people who change the admin password. If someone does that, you will not be able to find out your password, but you can find out through your AQR code.

Thank you for reading my article so far. If you need any more help, please comment. We will try to give you that kind of article.

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