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How to increase Internet Speed | Double the internet speed of any mobile

We all use internet, some use WiFi, some buy internet and use SIM. Many times our internet is so slow that we can’t use the internet on our phones.

Everyone in Burdwan is sitting at home.  There is a home quarantine, as a result of which everyone is using the internet. Since there is no work at home, everyone uses the internet on their mobile. Someone uses the internet using WiFi. Someone buys and uses the internet in SIM.

Now we are talking about the internet so that we can use video audio or Facebook better. But we buy it so that we can make better use of the internet for which it has been taken.

We buy most of the internet in our country’s Robi Airtel Grameen Banglalink SIMs but these are only available on Forge Speed.  Those of us who have 3G SIM or have less expensive phones but can’t use the net well or get low net speed.

Tabla How to increase the internet speed of your phone The internet speed of your SIM By increasing the speed you will be able to do internet very well.

Assalamualaikum I Nasiruddin Today I will teach you how to double the internet on your phone. For this, I will tell you first, you can watch the full video below

Do you all know why I am asking you to watch the whole video? Because if you want to learn something, it is not possible to just say that you have to show practicality in that hala. For which I told you to watch the whole video. OK now we need an application for how to increase internet speed.

Open the results of downloading the app, after opening you can see its settings. Where can you find one? If you search in the Play Store, you will find one. The name is mentioned in the video. If you watch the whole video, you will understand. I am sincerely sorry that I could not tell you the complete details in today’s blog.

Everyone will watch the video with so much effort. For your convenience, the video has been given above. You will watch it again from there.

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