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How to reset bKash PIN | What to do if you forget the bKash pin

bKash, a popular mobile financial service provider in the country, has recently launched this service to ensure maximum security of customer bKash account as well as to make the actual customer more secure.

How to reset bKash PIN?

https://www.bkash.hcom/bn/pin-reset Customers can find out by clicking on this link.

In this new service of bKash, the customer will now get a temporary PIN by dialing USSD * 247 # and verifying his own account.

  1. You have to dial * 247 # and reset the PIN of option number 9.
  2. In the next step, you have to give the number of the national identity card/driving license/passport with which the account has been opened.
  3. The next step is to give four numbers of the year of birth.
  4. Then the customer has to give the information of any one of the last 10 outgoing transactions made in the last 90 days.  And if you have not done any outgoing transaction in the last 90 days, then select the ‘No Transaction’ option.
  5. If all the information given by the customer is correct, he will get five temporary PINs.
  6. The first digit of the PIN number cannot be zero (0)
  7. PIN cannot be changed twice in eight (8) hours

This way you can easily reset the development pin manually.

Customers can then dial * 247 # or reset the new PIN manually from the bKash app.

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