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Find Anyone Call Details Any SIM Like Police – Download Call History Android Phone

Today I will show you how to find out the list of incoming calls and outgoing calls on your phone. We want to find out the call history of our girlfriend’s mobile. I want to see how many of our girlfriends talk to and who they talk to.
Today I will teach you how to find out the details of a SIM like the police. Find out the history of all these calls and how many minutes you are talking on which number and when you are talking.
Like CID, you will be able to find out the call details of any type of SIM like Robi, Airtel, Grameen, Banglalink. For this, you will need an app.
First of all, you have to download and open the application.
Call Details Any SIMAfter opening the app, you will click on the Trans and Condition box here,

then you will see below, click on the text in Proceed.

Call Details Any SIM

Now Click To Continue.

Call Details Any SIMSince we will find out the call list of SIM. Click here for General Call Log.

Call Details Any SIM

Now you will first select the date i.e. from what date to what date you want to find out the call details or call list of the mobile. And everything else will be by default.

Call Details Any SIM

Then you can see the empty cell below this box you write a name. That means the PDF file will be saved under this name. Then click Export To PDF.

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