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WIFI Password

How to find out WiFi password? Rules for finding WiFi passwords. Friends, many of us use the internet with megabytes, for which we can't download videos from YouTube, Facebook, or other places or watch the videos directly because megabytes will go to our phones. That's why there are many of us who want to use WiFi but we don't know the WiFi passwords that are around us. So we all want to know how to use WiFi for free by finding out the WiFi password.

Assalamualaikum friends, how are you all, I hope everyone is well. Friends, for those of us who want to use WiFi for free, for those of us who want to see other people's WiFi passwords, watch today's video. Today I will show you how to find out the password of any WiFi. Find out the WIFI password by finding out the WiFi password that is connected in a very easy way. 

How To See WiFi Password

Friends, I will show you an easy way to find out the WiFi password. You will need an application for the WiFi password. The application is QR Code and Scanner apps, you can easily see the Wi-Fi password directly.

Friends, now we all have Android phones that connect to WiFi. Clicking on the WiFi name brings up a QR code, with this QR code we can easily find out the password of WiFi.

WIFI Password

After downloading the app, open it. And click on the marked icon, then you can see that your mobile's camera is open.

WIFI Password

Now go to the phone that has WiFi connected. And click on the name of the WiFi you want to find out. Now you can see a QR code. Then how to scan the dot with your mobile.

WIFI Password

Then you can see that your WiFi password is out. And see your password. In this way, with 1 click, you can find out anyone's WiFi password through QR CODE. If you have difficulty understanding somewhere, please let us know in the comments.


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