How To Find WIFI Password From Android Phone

How to extract wifi password. How to extract the password of the connected WiFi password.

Now we all want to know how to find out the password of WiFi. But we all know exactly how to find out the WiFi password. Google is currently searching more for how to hack wifi passwords. Friends, today I will show you a very simple way through which you can find out the WiFi password.

For those of us who have Xiaomi Huawei and various expensive phones, go to the WiFi settings of all the phones that are connected and click on the name of the WiFi you will see a qr-code.

You will go to the best setting to get out the WiFi password. Then go to WiFi settings and click on the name of the WiFi that is connected. And see a QR code. Take a screenshot of this QR code. Many of us may not have this setting on our phones because all mobile companies owe this option.

Now you can download any QR-code application from Play Store. After opening the application. Then click the image scan and select the screenshot that you have taken.

Then you can see that the name and password of WiFi are coming. You can easily remove it by clicking on Connect to WiFi. 

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