How to change the voice and talk to anyone?  Give a message or voice to the girl voice in Emu Messenger.  Speak in 25 different voices

 There are many of us who want to change our voice to speak in a girl's voice but how do we speak?  I don't know which apps I will talk to by changing the voice.

 Today I will show you how to say Emu, Messenger, WhatsApp in a girl's voice.

App is voice changer from female to male also male to female voice changer

Do you want to sound like a girl or sound like a boy?

Do you want to fool your friends by changing your voice?

If Yes then change your voice, make my voice sound like a man or sound like woman.


App is real fun for you to. Just record your voice select boy to girl sound converter and listen how you sound in a girls voice.

This unique Female voice changer is specially made for entertainment purpose. so that you can prank your friend by changing your voice to gir voice , female voice, baby girl voice, old woman voice and many more.

Girl voice changer is a unique and full of fun application. This Girls voice changer have best girl voice changer effect and male to female voice changer effect.  You can also change the pitch of your girl’s voice to generate the sound of different age girl. There is lot of fun in Smart Girl Voice Changer app, which makes surprise and fun to others. 

Warning! this is not a call voice changer. gender voice changing app works only for local recorded voices which are recorded by this application.

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