How To Re Enable YouTube Monetization Without Reapply - YouTube Monetization Problem

New problem of 2021 year on YouTube!  At the beginning of the year, many of our channels have stopped monetization, Misleading Titles, Misleading Meta Data, Reused Content.

 This problem of YouTube is being read on all channels, big and small.  How to solve it?


Today I will show you how to get back monetization without any application?  Bring back the closed monetization in just 3 days.

কিভাবে মনিটাইজেশন চালু করবেন?

 Monetization is gone from my channel on last 22nd then I chat directly with youtube, here I will tell you one thing, you can chat live with youtube within 24 hours after monetization is gone from your channel, then you can't chat live, live chat will be gone.  Or you can mail directly to YouTube.

 I email to YouTube, why monetization has been stopped from my channel?  I remember all the rules of YouTube, rules upload videos, do not copyright any videos.  I made my own video and uploaded it but why monetization has stopped.  My channel has no copyrighted videos, no reused content, please review my channel and turn on monetization.

 I emailed this after asking for YouTube proofs and to know how I make videos.  I email these videos to YouTube by uploading them to Google Drive.  Then I get the monetization back again.

 Thus I applied this to another channel and got the monetization back.

 All of you who have lost their monetization should email YouTube now.  Come on, you will get monetization within 3-4 days.

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