How to fix the problem of Facebook Messenger - Worldwide Messenger Problem

Problems with Facebook Messenger around the world. How to use Messenger. Solve messenger issues.

Popular social media Facebook Messenger has caused a temporary error worldwide.

Today (10 December 2020) this error is occurring in the use of Messenger in Bangladesh from approximately 2:30 pm on Thursday. Facebook Messenger's server is down.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.  But it will get better quickly

At first, it seemed like an internet problem, but after a long time, it became known that other users were having this problem!

How to fix the problem of Facebook Messenger!

Currently, you can run Facebook Messenger with a browser, there is no problem.

You can use Messenger through the Facebook Lite app on mobile.

Those who are having trouble using Messenger will be able to chat on Facebook Messenger using these two methods.

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