How To IMO Ads Block In 2 Minutes | IMO HD Call | Imo Premium Version Download

Assalamu alaikum how are you all? today, I will teach you how to stop annoying ads from Imo (Imo ads block). And how to talk in HD video call.

All of us who use Imo know that there are many more ads in imo now, ads come with every click.  Which is why we all feel annoyed.

 How do we block ads from Imo?

You need to use the old version of imo to turn off ADS from Imo. In this case IMO can't give update.  If you update the Imo, then your ads will start coming again.

IMO Premium version download Click here.


If you use this IMO then you will not get any type of ads.

Now how do you talk clear in IMO.  And talk on video calls in HD. For this, IMO is launching their new apps. You can talk in full HD using IMO HD application in video calls.

IMO HD Apps Download 

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