Allama Shafi is no more (Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilahi Raziun)

 Amir Allama Ahmed Shafi of Hefazat-e-Islam Bangladesh has died (Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilahi Raziun).  He died on Saturday (September 18) evening while undergoing treatment at Asghar Ali Hospital in the capital.  He was 105 years old.

 Earlier, doctors advised him to be taken to Dhaka at noon as his condition was critical.  In the afternoon he was brought to Dhaka from Chittagong by air ambulance.

 Allama Shafi fell ill on Thursday afternoon amid a student movement at Hathazari Madrasa.  He was taken to Chittagong Medical College Hospital by ambulance at night. In the morning, the specialist doctors of the hospital sat on the medical board.

 Doctors advised him to be taken to Dhaka around noon as his condition was critical.

 The country's top Qaumi Alem Allama Ahmad Shafi is suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and other geriatric diseases.  He had to be hospitalized several times before.  In the last few months, various complications have appeared in his body.

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