Mother killed by son

 In Damkura, Rajshahi, he asked his mother for five rupees but did not get the money. 7 Year Old Fahim hit Hasuya On The chest. Mother Fatima (25) died as a result of excessive bleeding.

 Seeing the blood, the child fled to his aunt's house next door.

 Later, when the police interrogated him in various ways, the boy described the incident.  Damkura Police Station OC Mazhurul Islam said that in the morning, Shishu Fahim's father and mother both demanded five rupees.  But none of them paid.  Ulto rules him with a slap.  At that time, he got angry and hit his mother on the chest with a vegetable cutter.

 Seeing the blood coming out, he got scared and went to his aunt's house.  Later, on the way to the hospital, mother Fatima died.  The OC further said, "We wanted to know the incident by caressing Shishu Fahim in our laps."

 He fluently described the incident.

 She says, "Now that my mother is dead, I don't know what to do."  The police were also shocked to hear the description of the incident.  The child will not be arrested.  But what steps will be taken is being considered.

 You can comment on what kind of punishment should be given to the boy.

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