The elephant was fed with pineapple filled with explosives

 The elephant had been submerged in water for three days in a row with its trunk and wounded mouth.  He did not want to raise his head to get relief from the physical pain.  An autopsy also found the baby in the elephant's stomach.

 The death of a pregnant elephant in the southern Indian state of Kerala has drawn sharp criticism around the world.  The elephant was fed with pineapple filled with explosives.

 According to Indian media NDTV, the details of the killings spread on social media after a forest department official in Malappuram, North Kerala, gave details.  According to his post, the elephant came out of the jungle and came to a nearby village in search of food.  As he walked along the path, the locals let him eat pineapple.

 According to forest officials in India, the elephant is approximately 14-15 years old.

 The elephant was in so much physical pain after being injured that he stood in the river Veliar for three days in a row.  Attempts were made to provide medical care to the elephant during this period but it was not possible to remove the elephant from the water.  The elephant's mouth and trunk were under water for three days.

 The Forest Department first spotted the elephant on May 25 next to a local farm.  "We don't know where the elephant was injured," said Samuel Wacha, a wildlife warden at the Silent Valley National Park in the Palakkad area.  He was drinking water from under the water, which probably gave him some relief.  Both sides of the elephant's jaw have been damaged.  His teeth also broke.

 Sunil Kumar, a forest department official in the Mannarkad area of ​​Pallakar, said forest officials tried to remove the elephant from the river and treat it after realizing it was injured.  But the elephant could not be removed from the river at all.

 Finally, on May 27, the elephant died while standing in the river.  An autopsy revealed that the elephant was pregnant.

 Samuel Wacha, warden of the wildlife department at Silent Valley National Park, said a lawsuit had been filed.  Attempts are also being made to quickly identify those involved in the heinous killings.

 Mohan Krishnan, the officer who gave the details of the murder on Facebook, wrote that he believed everyone.  When he ate the pineapple, it exploded in his mouth and he must have been shocked.  Not thinking about himself, but about the soul that grew in his body, which would have been born 18 to 20 months later.

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