Assalamu alaikum how are you all I hope everyone is well.  There are many of us who want to edit pictures with one click but not all of us can. Today I will show you how you can edit any picture in just 1 minute very nicely.
  Again, there are many of us who want to make our pictures into vector art but not all of us can.  If you follow these tips today, you will be able to create vector design images in just 1 minute.

  If you have difficulty understanding, click on the link below to watch the video: -

First we will download the app then open it.  Then what do we do after writing Skip.

 Then you will click on the mark marked above to cut.

 Then you will see that the application is open then you will click on Trending text.

 Then all the photo editing will go viral in front of you.  From here you will select vector art.

 Then you have to give permission and give permission.

Then you will click All.  Click and select the image you want to edit.

 Then your image will come up and you will click on the marked icon.

 Then you can see that your image is being edited.  Will have to wait a while.

 Then you can see that your picture has been edited.  Now for how to save you click on the marked Chinese above.

 Then you can see save to device by clicking on the text.
 And you will see below the download text, click there.  Then you can see that your image will be saved in the gallery.

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