Assalamu alaikum how are you all hope all is well today I will show you how to get free 1gb internet in your Robi SIM.

 How to get 1 GB internet for free in Robi SIM.
 For this you need to send an SMS.  You have to write SMS. You have to write the last four letters of the ID card with which your SIM has been registered. You have to write the message option and then you have to send it to 1600.  Example
 8787 Send To 1600

 If you do not understand how to send an SMS, then click on the link to watch the video: -

 Terms and Condition :
 1/ Free 1 GB validity will be 3 days.
 2/ You must message the last four numbers of the correct ID card.
3/ If you message correctly.  Then you will get 1gb for free in 7 days.

 I hope you understand, if you like it, you must share it with your friends.

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