How to hack Facebook account? Facebook Hacked Possible? Fb Hack 2021 

How to hack Facebook account?  Or is there any course to hack Facebook at all through which any Facebook ID can be easily hacked?  Many Facebook users ask such questions.  Someone or someone wants to learn Facebook hacking just to increase awareness or just a funny trick.  Again, there are many people who really want to learn Facebook hacking to harm someone or to take money from someone in a dishonest way.  Those who want to take a hacking course for malicious purposes should remember that hacking someone's Facebook ID to steal information is a kind of cyber crime.  Cybercrime in Bangladesh can range from life imprisonment to fines, so refrain from manipulating someone's ID to achieve malicious intent.

 Here are some ways to hack Facebook ID:
 There are some special methods to hack Facebook ID.  Some of the popular methods are:
 Programming / coding
 False recovering
 Fulling user

 There are also several other ways to hack Facebook that are done by large-scale hackers.  In order to master them, various hackers have conducted courses called Ethical Hacking.  Ethical hacking usually involves learning programming languages ​​like Java, PHP, etc. and then mastering Facebook hacking tricks.

 A fairly simple method will be taught today through this post titled “Learn Facebook Hacking 2020”.  Remember, 100% success never comes when it comes to hacking Facebook.  In this case, the probability of not being successful is rather 90%.  However, with this ninety percent, you have to get down to hacking.  This is true not only of Facebook ID hacking but also of any hacking ranging from WiFi hacking to Twitter hacking.

 A teenager named Martin Gray was able to hack the Facebook ID of one of his friends after five years of trying.

 The method that will be taught today is how to easily hack Facebook ID through cloning.  Before that, let's take a look at a brief introduction to other methods of Facebook ID hacking.

 Hacking through phishing sites:

 Phishing sites are similar sites that look exactly like a specific webpage.  Suppose you can design a good webpage.  So in that case, by creating an exact webpage like Facebook, you forced your target user to log in to your website.  This is basically known as phishing method.  In this case, you need to have knowledge about web design and development as a qualification.

 Hacking Facebook by Cloning:

 Hacking by creating an ID similar to the targeted Facebook ID.  Today we will discuss this method in this post.  To qualify, you need to have the skills to open a Facebook account.

 Facebook Hacking by Programming:

 In this case you have to follow a huge process.  You need to create different types of code and send it to your target user as malware or as a link.  You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business.

 Facebook Hacking via Falls Recovering:

 In this case you have to arrange a clone SIM number (of the targeted person) or any SIM, but in that case the SIM must be completely new.  Recover Facebook ID with that SIM.  Remember, however, that the success rate is only 2-3%.

 Through Filling User:

 In this case, as a qualification, you have to be a little proficient in English and have the mindset to speak elegantly.  Forgetting the user and stealing his password and ID.  In this case you will get success based on the detected person.

 Hacking Facebook by Cloning:

 Step 01:

 Read while sitting at a computer.  Check the Facebook ID of your detected user.  Find out where he is going, what he is interested in, what pages he likes, etc.  Find out the date of his birthday.  See a list of his friends.

 Step 02:

 Now, enter the name of the person whose ID you want to hack correctly in the register.  Collect some photos from his ID.  Remember, never download and save photos.  Collect photos through screenshots and edit them a bit.

 Step 03:

 Create an ID using a fake ID generator using his name, address and a good quality photo.  IDT is better if it is related to any school or college.  It is better not to have passport or national ID.

 Step 04:

 Now open a Facebook ID using his name, photo and real address.  Use the phone number and verify the account with the ID card you created.  Remember, the photo on the ID card and the photo given on Facebook are of the same quality even if they are not the same.

 Step 05:

 Now give different posts for two or three weeks.  Wherever you like his ID, you like it.  Check in where his ID is checked.  Upload and post the photos in the collection.  Keep running like this.

 Step 06:

 Now start the main work.  Login to your cloned ID and go to the profile of the person whose ID will be hacked.  Go there and click on the dot dot line in the top right corner.

 After clicking on it, go to "Find Support or Report Profile".  Please be patient after clicking here.

 Step 07:

 A new page will appear, from there click on the "I Can't Access My Account" option.  There are other options, if you want, you can take a look around.

 Step 08:

 Then click on the "Send" button from the bottom corner.  Now wait a minute.  It will probably take 0.5 seconds.

 Step 09:

 Then another webpage will appear as shown below.  This option "Recover this account" is very important here.  But don't get upset because of the importance.  For now click on the "Done" section in the bottom corner before clicking here.

 Feel free to run your clone ID again.  And check your Gmail inbox from time to time.  Remember, ID should never be kept inactive and you should at least test your patience.

 You have to wait until the message comes from Facebook in your Gmail ID.  Facebook will send messages in their messages rather than your photo and ID card.  They will mail you back in a day or two after you send them to Replay.  A verification code will be sent there.  Now follow the previous procedure again and click on "Recover this account" option.  Once he enters the code, the password reset option of the ID will come up.  Diameter, hacked.

 It is important to remember that the success rate in this method is only 10% or less.  So this method will leave you with a test of patience.

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