Unlimited Facebook Auto Like 2021 | FB Auto Liker Apps 2021

Today I will teach you how to auto-react to your Facebook account. You all know that if we have our Facebook account. If you do not like the auto account is lost.  But today I will teach you how to auto-like and auto-react to a Facebook post or photo without any problem with the Facebook account.

Those of you who have read the post will not understand anything. Click on the link below to watch the video

 To get auto-like, you have to go to a website. You will get the link of the website at the very end of this post.

 1 / After coming to the website, you have to login first.  Click Here to go here.

 2 / Then you have to give your Facebook ID number or Gmail and what password.
 Here you must open a fake account and then give your IDT password.  You will never login here with your real account ID password.  Click Generate Token.

 3 / Then you will see a success token. You will copy the success token completely and come back.

 4 / Then below you can see that there is an empty box. You will paste the success key in that box and click on login.

 5 / You can see that your account has been successfully logged in.  Then you will see that a new page has opened and you will go to the bottom of this page.
 The picture of your fake ID will show the name.  Below that you can see the post like Click here.

 6 / Then you will be taken to a new page and you have to wait for 10 seconds then you will see that, get token click herepost}

 7 / Then you have to go down again.  Then you will see that a box is given, in the box you will like and copy the link of the post you want to copy the post.  {The post must be a public post} If it is not a public post, you will not be able to like it. Then you have to select what kind of reaction you will take, if you want to like, then select like, if you want to take profit, select profit react, then you will click here, I am not Robot, click submit.

 8 / Then it will take you a little loading. After loading, you can see that the auto like in your post is gone.

 9 / Successful writing will be shown and it will show you how many autolikes have gone. In this way you can easily get auto likes on your Facebook posts without any problem.

 Website link: yolikers App Download 


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