How To Use Wifi In Secret | Find WiFi Password

There are many of us who want to use it for free but we don't all get free wifi.  At present, the price of megabytes is much higher for which we all try to find out the password of free internet or wifi if anyone has wifi.

 We have a lot of WiFi around us, we try to get the WiFi password, in many cases, we did not succeed, in many cases, we managed to get the WiFi password

 But if we find out the password and we connect to WiFi but we can't use WiFi properly, the owner of WiFi blocks us.

 Again many of us want to use their WiFi in front of them, but if they find out I am using WiFi they will block us or turn off WiFi.

 Assalamu Alaikum I Nasir Uddin Today I will show you how to use WiFi sitting in front of the owner of WiFi but he will understand whether you are using WiFi or using your own data.

 You will use WiFi but if you have someone with you they will understand you are using the internet.

 I would like to say at the beginning that if you have difficulty in understanding, you can watch the video by clicking on the link below.

 For this, you need to open one first.

 You can see in the screenshot here that you will have all the settings.

 From the number you can see that API Level from here you can customize as you wish.  Select your mobile version from here.

 Then you can see the network icon you put here with LTE, then if someone sees that you are using the Internet in 4G

 Then you can see that Time you select that time.

 If you do these little settings, the work of the application is finished.

 I hope you understand that if you like it, you must keep the notification on, you will come back to other posts on our website. Thank you all.


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