How To Nudity or Sexual Activity Post Remove From Facebook?

How To Nudity or Sexual Activity Post Remove From Facebook?

We all use Facebook, not just us, but many people younger than us who use Facebook, there are people who do not use Facebook at present.

  The way Facebook is becoming obscene day by day, the way bad posts are coming which is causing a lot of kids to go bad.
  We cannot avoid all these posts.
 When we use Facebook or visit a group, a lot of adult posts or bad pictures come up.  When we use a Facebook account or social now using whatever you say, if the bad ones come and go, if anyone around us sees it, they will think it is bad. We don't want to say these things. We want to talk about work today and how you can prevent them.

  Or there are many of us who want to remove bad posts from Facebook and not all the posts on Violence Harassment from Facebook so many of us try these but we can't because we don't know the right way.

  Assalamualaikum I Md. Nasir Uddin Apna watching and reading (Tech Smart BD) Today I will teach you how to remove bad posts or sexual posts from Facebook by reporting.  For this I would like to tell you first of all you should watch the full video below and learn how to report practically.

If you watch the whole video then hopefully you will understand then I am telling you now how to do

How To Report Facebook Post?
  Reporting on Facebook is very easy but there are some techniques. If you use these pics, you will be able to report very easily.
         1 / Harassment post means talking badly or abusing someone directly.
      2 / If you make any kind of bad post or use adult content or leave any video.

  Ok yet he is how do we report on all these posts how do we report the IDs of those who make bad posts remove their id from facebook?

Ok yet he will report in the video how we will report in the posts.
  For this we can see the 3 dot line next to the post or video, click here.
  After clicking here you will see a page like this.

Then you will see that a page like this has opened in front of you. You can see the report post here. Those who click here will open a new page among you.
OK then you can see here that all the reporting options are coming up now what will you report here.
  The first thing you will do is check and sort the post or video you are reporting, what kind of post.
  The type of post you see in your screenshot will select your exact options, select the options marked in red.

  After Sylhet office, another option will come to you. If you harass Sylhet here, then you will see who is harassing you.  And if the posts are violence, then by clicking on Violence, you will be able to select the subject of Violence.

  We selected the post Violence.  Then you can see what kind of violence the post is asking you to Sylhet. You can select the violence that you think you will select. After selecting Sylhet, you can see the screenshot below.
When you click on the report, you have to click on Yes, then tickmark, then click Next, after clicking Next, you have to click Next again.
Then your report will be successful. Now let us know on Facebook if your report has worked. It will let you know within three to four hours.  If the post in the report is gone, then you can do it in a successful way and if not, the review from Facebook, in fact, you will click here to request a review.

  Then your work will be completed in this way you can easily remove everything from Facebook to violence and even different types of bad post videos in just one report.

  Thank you for reading so far. If you have any difficulty in understanding something, then there is a video above. If you watch the video and make the reports, then you will not have any problem.

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