How To Earn Money Online - bKash Refer Income | bKash Update

Assalamu alaikum how are you all hope all is well friends all of you want to make income from online but not everyone can make income, again we all want that we will work less but our income will be more There are many such people.

   Again, we all want a good income app through which we can earn income so that the application will not cheat us. When we withdraw our money, we get our money immediately.  Find such trusted applications but we do not find such apps.

  The kind of apps that make money online are fake in most cases and get us to work but they don't pay us and don't pay us properly.  Due to which we gradually lost faith in the income from the app.

  Today's article will be helpful for those of us who are looking for trust application and trust application, because today I will share with you the trusted application of Bangladesh. Everyone uses the application but not everyone knows the income system will get 100% bonus in the application  Being developed.

  You can take money for development very easily by working on money development apps.

  Now let's see how we will work on bKash apps and will I be able to earn money and how will I be able to take the money back to our bKash apps?

  To increase their user base, bKash has launched their Referral Campaign through which if someone refers someone, the one who makes the referral will get some bonus and the one who does the referral will also get some bonus.

   Currently, if you open a bKash account yourself, you can earn more than one hundred rupees from bKash.

  The first is how we will get the money for development or income.

  Those of us who already have a bKash account do not need to do much to use the application. Those who do not use the application will get this income.

  I have made a video for you to understand. You can watch the video above. You can get the video by visiting our channel. You can easily understand how to do it. Full details are given.

  How We Refer Bonus Pub Refer Bonus Pub is basically for those who have not used the bKash application using the link of bKash app. When we download the bKash app, whoever downloads it will get 20 rupees and those who have used the link will get 20 rupees.

  In this way the income is basically but now they are giving in case of opening a new account.

  It is very easy to open a new account. You can watch the video and download the bKash app from the Play Store by clicking on the download link with the video description.

  Then click on your login home station, then you have to give the number. After giving the number, your ID card will ask for a smart card. Show what you have, first on the front and then on the back page.  When everything is correct, then you have to give the picture, you have to hold the picture directly in front of your camera, they will pick it up automatically.

  So you have finished your work, now you have to set up the print, for this you have to dial * 247 #, then you have to give one and do you have to give five passwords of your state, I mean five passwords, you have to give any password of five characters,  Your account opening is complete. Now come to your FB and login to your bKash account.  You can see that your account has been opened with the number and password

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