No one comes to take the body down. Can't bury the body. Corona Virus - Covid19

No one lets the body down!

 Abdul Hai (65) fell ill and died.  An ambulance entered the house with his body.  Then at 11 o'clock at night.  Hearing the sound of the ambulance, Hai's own brother, cousins ​​came out.  Neighbors also showed up.

 No, none of them came to unload the body.  Come so that no one can take down the body!  Everyone said in unison, Abdul Hai died in Corona. The village will not allow him to bury his body.

 Hai's wife Firoza and son Shahjahan can't explain even after trying again and again.  When the bodies were about to be unloaded, the people present attacked them.  Firoza started crying.  Akuti said that if there is no place in the village cemetery, she will bury her husband in her own land.

 No one was moved by Firoza's tears.  On the contrary, excited people came and started beating the mother and son.  This group of 'heroes' wants to protect the village.  Saf informed, the body will not be buried here!

 The mother and son drove the ambulance to a relative's house in another village.  They are rejected there too.  Thus it was 2 o'clock at night.  Shahjahan procured a van.  He took his father's body from the ambulance and took it to the van.  The son is pulling the van, the mother is sitting next to the father's body.

 The incident took place at Gauripur in Mymensingh.  Abdul Hai's home is in Satuti village of the municipality.  After visiting various villages, the van with Hai's body stopped in front of a paddy mahal in the municipality.

 When the news reached the police station late at night, the police rushed to the spot.  They went to Satuti village with the body of Abdul Hai.  He arranged for the burial of the body in that village.

 I don't really understand what country I'm living in!  Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

 I am shocked to imagine this picture of a wife or father's body running around all night with her husband's body.  These cowards of Satuti village will never die?  History will bear witness.

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