Android Phone Hang, Slow Problem Sloved | How To Increase Phone Speed 2021

Many of us hang our phones and work slowly.  We can't use our phone well. If we want to use something, we want to access some apps, then our phone works slow and hangs.
  We all don't have expensive phones for which we will get our freedom. We can't use our phone. If we install one or two applications on our phone then our phone hangs and our phone memory is full.

  Assalamualaikum I Md. Nasir Uddin you are doing Smart Tech Smart BD
  Today I will teach you how to increase the speed of your phone by setting 3 and solve the hang problem of your phone.

  For this you first go to your settings then after going to settings you will go to About.

Then you can see if you go down a little.  You will click seven times on the build number.  If you click 7 times, the developer option will come to your phone.  And those who already have it do not have to go up this time.

 developer option After clicking this you follow the screenshot then you go down.  Above you will turn on the developer option.  After scrolling down you can see that Windows animation scale, transition animation scale and animator duration scale, click on these.

 Then take off all your animation then our work is over.  Then you can see that the speed of your phone has increased a lot.

If you have trouble understanding, click on the link below to watch the video
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