Well if someone tells you a way to talk for free then will you accept it.  Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.
  We all want to talk for free but we don't all know how to talk for free.

  In most cases foreigners try to speak for free but not all of them can speak for free
 So friends, there are many of you who want to talk for free to have fun with your friends.  Again, there are many people who are looking for free applications to talk to their relatives, but not all of them can find such applications.

  Again, there are many of us who keep our numbers secret and look for applications that will keep our numbers private with our friends or anyone we want to have fun with.

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  Today's post for them Assalamu Alaikum I Nasir Uddin Today I will teach you how to keep your number secret and talk to anyone for free. You can easily talk about what you need to do on the internet without any money.

You will need an application to make a free call. You will find it at the bottom of the post at the download link of the application.

You will open it. After opening, you have to click here accept.

Then you have to give permission of the app for which you will click on the permission here

  Then you have to give all the permissions and after giving the permissions you have to wait a little

  Then you will see that he has given you some coins to congratulate you.  You will click Get it.

  1 / Then your app will open and will ask you to earn coins.  You can easily make any income here. First of all, you can see that you have given one hundred spins from here. You can earn unlimited coins by turning this spin here.

  2 / Then you can watch the video and earn 10 to 200 points. You can earn coins. You can talk for free with these coins.
 3 / Then by checking in every day you can earn 20 to 500 coins from here.
 4 / You can easily earn your coins by referring to the latest and you will get 1000 to 6000 points for a referral.

 Then you click on Recents to make a call then you can see below that you will click on the dialing option.

  Then you have to select your country and you will select the country in which you live.

  Then give your number and click on the call with the number.

  Clicking on the call will show you how many points you have and what your number is. How many minutes you can talk, you can see everything.

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