How To Increase Internet Speed - Download Speed | Increase WIFI Speed

How To Increase Internet Speed - WiFi Tricks | Data Save

What can you learn through today's post?
 1 / How to save internet.
 2 / How to increase internet speed.
 3 / How to turn off the data of any apps.
 4 / How to increase the speed of WiFi.
 5 / How to turn off the internet connection of apps.
 We will talk about these issues.

  Currently we are all using the internet which is causing our internet to run out much faster.
  Again, there are many of us who buy the Internet and put the phone on the data when the automatic net ends.

   * Even if we do not use anything, the internet will run out of coupons?
  Even if we don't use anything, the first reason we run out of internet is because we use apps, but we have more different types of apps on our phones that don't cut the internet from our phones in the background.  For which we have no idea how our internet is going to end.

  * How do we increase the WiFi speed?
  I will not show you anything about the router here. I will just share with you some tips and tricks of the phone through which your phone's internet speed can be increased even a little bit.  If we download anything with WiFi, our internet speed is low, because we have more apps on our phone that use WiFi, but all of these are taking WiFi in the background, so when we download something or use something, we get better internet speed.  No.
  If you fix these tasks, you will use the same solution, you will use an app and through you you will turn off the internet connection of all the apps on your phone. Only if you keep your internet open, the internet speed will be much better than before.

  * How to increase the download speed of our phone?
  The answer to this question is the same, the apps that you will download drama movie songs that you do not download, why you turn off the internet connection of all the applications except this application.  Then the internet of ads will no longer work and you can also give all the speed of your phone to one application.

 * How do we do all this work How do we turn off the Internet of Things?
  You will need an application to do these tasks. How to download the application?

  At the very bottom of this post, you will be able to download the application and you can easily download it from there.

  * How to turn off the Internet!
 You will download and open the app. After opening, you will see that all your phone applications.
  If you look at the side of the apps, you will see that you just turn it on for an on-off.  After turning it on, you will see another on option in the top menu bar. You will turn on that option, then you will click OK, OK, yes, yes.

 Then your work will be over.  If you notice the screenshot above, you will understand. Thank you all for reading our post so far.

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