Control Your Phone With Your Voice Google Voice Access | Control The Phone By Word Of Mouth

Control Your Phone With Your Voice Google Voice Access

There are many of us who want to use the phone in a new way, that is, we want to use our phone in a modern way,
  That would surprise all our friends and make us wonder how we did it.

  Assalamu Alaikum I Nasiruddin You are reading (Tech Smart Bd) blog.
  Today I will teach you how to use your phone without touching it, that is, your phone will do whatever you say in your mouth, how to use your phone in your mouth?

  So for this you will need an application first.  Who is the first to open the application.
After opening the apps, you have to click OK (Turn On Voice Access) first. After clicking OK, you will get accessibility.

After coming to accessibility you have to find the application you have to go inside the app and you have to give permission see the screenshot then you will understand.

After doing this, it will bring you to the application, then the app will ask permission from you, give you all the permissions, after giving all the permissions, see the screenshot.
Then it will show you if you have the Google app on your phone?
  If you don't have one, click on Play Store, then you will be taken to Google Play Store and you will be able to download the application and if you have downloaded your phone application then you will click Next.

Then a new page will open in front of you. You will click here to go to setting.
Then you have to give the permissions of Google here. You can see that it is marked in the screenshot. You just have to enable these two options, then go back.
When you go back, you see here it tells you how you can speak in voice.
 Hey Google says the application will be enabled which means the application will start working.  From then on, your phone will do whatever you command your phone to do.
  You have to do it here next 5 times then get them out.

 If you exit, you will be able to enter the application again. After entering, you will see a screenshot marked. You will open this option.  If you click on that icon then our phone settings will be complete. We can talk face to face if you want or you.

Now our work is over. Now we can control our phone by mouth or we have some numbers written on our phone that if we say the numbers in our mouth our phone will do that.  Or if you say O Google then the application will open automatically.

Click the download button then you can download the app.

Hope you understand everything even if you don't understand.
  If you have any kind of difficulty in understanding then watch the video then you can understand everything thank you all.

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