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Today I will teach you how to make cartoons with your own pictures.
  Making the most viral tropics or cuts has become very popular nowadays. There are many of us who want to make cuts but we can't all.

 We all know that making cartoons is not so easy.  We have to work hard to make cartoons which is why we don't want to make anyone else.

 So those of you who want to create cartoons, follow today's post very easily.
 Today I will teach you how you can easily make cartoons with your own pictures.

  I will teach you in a very simple way, you can easily create a cartoon with your own pictures just by clicking on it.

 I want to tell you first.  Only they can't create cartoons by reading the post.  That is why I have given you a video for your convenience. You will watch that video above.  If you watch that video, you can see how live
  Cartoons are made with their own pictures.

  So now we will show you how to download the application and make a cartoon with your own pictures.

 1 / First of all you have to download an application.  You can get the application at the download link below the post.
 Then you will open one, after opening you will click Create Avatar here

 2 / Then your camera will be open and you have to give permission. If you want, you can take your own picture and make a cartoon immediately and if you don't want, you will see a gallery in the corner.

 3 / Then you have to select who you are male or female. If you are a question, then you will select male. If you are female, you will select female. That is, if the picture you have given is female or male, you will select it.

 4 / After you select it, it will look like this among you. You will decide the age from here. How many years do you want to make a cartoon? You will give it from here.

 5 / Then he will make you a cartoon and you will be able to see it very easily because now you will select from here what kind of cartoon you want to make, you will select any one of them then click on next.

 6 / Then you have to customize the cartoon. If you want, you can give your hairstyle or haircut, then you can give glasses to your eyes, who can give different types, you can give emojis in your pictures.  You will customize everything then you will click confirm.

  When you are done, you can see that you have created your own because here you will have GIF, then you will have different types of emoji stickers, you will have different systems, you can take whatever you like very easily, you can download it.

  Those who have difficulty in understanding can easily understand the video and those of you who want to know how to make a cartoon video will go to our channel and comment, then we will give you a video on how to make a cartoon video.

  Click on the download below to download the application

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