Wi-Fi Password Hack? increase Wi-Fi speed | Find Wifi Password 2021

We all have Android phones, we all use the internet, but the way the price of our internet is increasing now, we are not able to use the internet.

 Again, there are many of us who want to use WiFi, there are many microbes around us, we have the words with the house, we can not find out the password of WiFi, again there are many of us who read all day about how to find out the password of WiFi.

 Many of us use WiFi but the problem is that the person who runs WiFi sees us and if he checks our mobile he finds that we are using his WiFi, which is why he changes his WiFi password or blocks us from WiFi.

  Assalamualaikum I Md. Nasir Uddin you are watching tech smart bd blog.
 Today I will teach you how to use WiFi, run your WiFi but no one will understand whether you are using WiFi or internet,
 You will use WiFi but your friends or those who are looking at your phone will see that you are using internet, so how do you do this?

 You will watch the whole video to do it OK. In the video I have shown you how to hide the WiFi icon of your phone and show you how to use your internet, so in the full video I have told you how to do this.  So watch this video in its entirety and you will understand.

I hope you are watching the video in its entirety. If you watch the video in its entirety, you will understand everything.

 Then you can easily hide your WiFi icon.

 And you will not get the application in the Play Store. How to download the application from Google.

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