How To Lock Personal Incoming Call

Click here to watch the video. Calls to the Android phone must actually be received via that fingerprint. As well as calls to your Android phone, various types of style phones will appear on the screen. YouTube: - Which will make your Android phone much more attractive.

Everyone who watches will be forced to learn from you. This is the task of mobile. Many of us have girlfriends or lovers but if we call our lovers at different times with our friends or family, they can see if I call you today.

The system will show you if your lover would call you and no one else was receiving the call. Can't just show his name and what the number is, that is, no one but you will be able to receive calls from your phone when your mobile phone is with your friends ie if your lover calls then they will not be able to receive calls in life. If he calls, your phone will be locked and he will not know his number. He will not understand who has called you.

We all use mobile phones. We are using all the new mobiles but do we all know about all the settings of mobiles? I don't think any of you know that many calls come to our phones every day. The calls can be very personal.  Can you protect your privacy if you leave your phone somewhere?  Others may call received today, I am going to introduce you to a page to be able to easily receive your phone calls if your phone without you give someone your phone can not receive calls

A lot of times our lover calls us when our phone is with our siblings, relatives or anyone else, but if we call, we get caught.

  If you use the app, if someone calls you, no one but you will be able to receive the call without even realizing what the call is.

  So the question of getting caught is not whether someone called you or you love it, no one will be able to catch you.

  OK, how to do these things? I have seen everything in the video. You will all watch the video and share it with your friends.

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