how to enable Facebook care react, Facebook new emoji  

Facebook has already launched their Care React, there are many of us who have not yet received Care React yet,
 Right now everyone around the world is panicking because of a virus, which is why React on Facebook has brought a new one to them.

  Honestly, it's great to see Facebook Care React.
 Originally Care gave a star to comfort, all of us use Facebook, we find very few people who do not use Facebook, now let's see how you can enable Care React on Facebook.

  Facebook has not yet released their Care Re for all countries, which is why in many countries there is still no reaction on Facebook.
  With Facebook Care React for other countries, they are now testing how it works.

  Assalamualaikum I Md. Nasir Uddin You are watching or reading (Tech Smart BD) Today I will teach you how to enable the new imaging on your Facebook account.

  The first thing I want to say to those of us who are in Bangladesh is that Facebook Care React has not come to Bangladesh yet. Soon they will give Care React for Bangladesh.

  Facebook Care React is available for different countries.  How do you get care emoji on your facebook account.

  For this, the first thing you do is go to the Play Store, go to the Play Store and update your Facebook official and Facebook Lite.

So friends come now, how do you react to your Facebook care?
  Care React or Emoji has not yet come to the official Facebook apps.  But Care React has given many accounts on their Facebook Lite.
 You can download Facebook Lite and view it on your account. Of course, if you have previous Facebook Lite, then you must update Facebook Lite.  Then you will easily get Facebook React Care Facebook Care Reaction

  Then you can see that if you want to react to someone, if you want to react to someone's post, then you will get Facebook Care React or Facebook new emoji.

 Even then, if you have any kind of difficulty, you have been given a video. You should watch the video and understand everything in detail.

Haven't you received Care React on Facebook yet?
  So you have to apply to Facebook. How to apply?

  There is a link below. Click on this link and below the link there is an additional. You can just copy and apply it. If you can't, then watch the video and you will understand.

          I love to use facebook a lot, i can't care reaction to my friends post on my Facebook account, Please  permission on My Facebook  profile care reaction.

  I hope you understand everything. If you have difficulty understanding something, please let us know by commenting. We have a YouTube channel. Comment on any video on our YouTube channel. We will try to help you by replying to your comments. Thank you all.


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