Bring a call from a lover's SIM to your phone | call forwarding Bangla 2021

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 Many of us have 2-5 sims.  We use many sims, but we cannot use four sims at once.  Because only two SIMs can be used on our phone, but not outside.  The rest of the sims are closed. If any of our friends call us at those sims, they are closed and they cannot contact us.  In this video today, I will show you how to bring any SIM call to your SIM, if you have two to three SIM.  You will be able to bring a call from all those SIMs to your SIM, but your SIM will be closed, but the call will come to you.  People who want to learn the tricks of it.  They watch the video in full and click here to watch the video.  Or

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 If you are not complete the video.  See and do not understand or hear what is said in the video.  Then many of you may have many problems.  So you can watch the video in full, and share the video with your friends on Facebook, Messenger etc.  In this video you have been sharing some secret code with this secret code that allows you to easily bring any call you have to yourself.  This system is called call forwarding system

We all use mobile phones. It would be wrong to say that the number of people who do not use mobile phones at present is not available at all because it is available.  I use so many mobile phones do we all know about all the settings of mobile phones I would say 80 percent people know  No, I left him out. How many of you know the secret code of SIM? I think 10% of you don't know. Assalamualaikum friends. I am Md. Nasir Uddin. You want to see our website. He is still there. How can we learn the secret codes?  The video has been made. You can watch a video above. Take a look at that video in its entirety  Thank you so much for being with us so far.

With this secret code you can bring any of your phone calls to your phone. I have given you something to do in the video.  Lover's Call History Call List Call Record Buckle has been brought to our phone but not everyone can have any problem  Watch the video and learn how to complete tasks ei is

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